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Pick up your phone and log in to the ultimate mobility platform. Book an affordable ride and get picked up at your doorstep. Furthermore, book a ride to send or receive a parcel or shift furniture with a click. JauGuru aims to provide the most incredible transportation platform so that you don’t have to run around to find a vehicle. Simply by logging in to our application; you can get your desired vehicle instantly.


GPS Tracking

Affordable Rides

More Accessible rides

 SOS Button For Safety

Send or Receive Parcel

Easy Pay

Instant rides are just a click away

Join JauGuru and use your phone to request any service. With JauGuru, get anywhere at any time with a click of a button. Get various services according to your need.

Client Reviews

Prince Nepal

I can easily reach my destination at very low cost by sharing the right. Ride sharing is a good way in case many vehicles do not want to go to some places. And don't feel good when you don't know any right share road .

Radha Shiva Dahal

Life hack. Has made life easy for transportation. Can find riders easily and reach to the destination hassle free. Also like the food platform very much due to variety of options and placement on time. Thank you Pathao.

Shree Hari Aryal

Such a great application, really helpful. Easy to use, just need to Update the Map for Rides and Precell.

Safety Measure

  • Wear helmet
  • Don’t Rush
  • Stay at a safe distance.
  • Buckle up your seat belt 
  • Do not distract the driver 
  • Wear a mask 
  • Apply sunscreen