JauGuru App for Partners 

JauGuru provides a full range of app-based services, including ride-sharing, logistics, jeep hire, etc. JauGuru aims to simplify the everyday journey by enabling users to connect with the service partner for the sole purpose of providing rides or making deliveries.

Nowadays, many people rely on ride-sharing as a substantial source of income. They can also start making money by signing up as a JauGuru service partner (bike, taxi, bike delivery, jeep hire, small truck, etc.). Only after signing up as a verified driver can one start taking rides through the JauGuru platform. You must provide the customers with excellent service.

First and foremost, the service partner is in charge of the assignments. You, therefore, need to ride the vehicle frequently and maintain it in top shape. Regardless, a service partner uses a work vehicle to carry out business-related tasks. You must, therefore, adhere to driving regulations, including safety documentation. 

Service partner must ensure that the documents provided for their vehicle is accurate and up to date and do regular checks to verify that the vehicle is in good working order. 

You may use these suggestions to get the most of the JauGuru app.

Download and install the JauGuru app from the play store or App store.

After this, you will arrive at sign-up, and the driver should fill out documents

First name :

Last name :

Enter Mobile number:

Get OTP for verification of JauGuru:


Confirm password:

Enter Referral code:


Click on register

The following partner must provide a copy of his driver’s license with a current date.

Partner will then need to provide an update on their car. JauGuru offers various services, including hiring a jeep, a water tanker, a cab, and bike delivery services. Please choose the category of vehicle you wish to register and give a thorough description of it.

After all the process is done, the registration request will go to the admin. 

Admin will check all the detail and approve your registration. 

Once your registration has been authorized, stay logged in to receive ride requests.

Happy Journey!